The National Policing and Security Show, held this year in Farnborough, represented the perfect setting for the launch of the new innovative Trijicon TARS riflescope available from Beechwood Equipment. As a well-known supplier of defence equipment in the UK, Beechwood Equipment has become a trusted resource both for the MoD and for UK law enforcement agencies. The TARS riflescope, which is part of the Trijicon range, represents the next piece of clever technology from long term supplier Trijicon Inc that Beechwood Equipment have distributed over the last three decades.

The most impressive feature that Trijicon has come up with for the TARS or Tactical Advanced Rifle Scope is an illuminated reticle which is an unmissable element for up to the minute sporting or tactical rifles, offering 3-15x variable magnification and a 50mm objective. Incredible reticle innovation, pin prick accurate optics and the ability to make miniscule adjustments gives users the ability to see targets clearly and engage at extreme distances and make the Trijicon TARS from Beechwood Equipment one of their most advanced pieces of technology yet.

In addition to the riflescope, Beechwood Equipment has been causing an additional media stir with the launch of a world first. The recently completed FLIR BN10 Recon thermal binoculars from Beechwood Equipment are the first to provide ‘true’ thermal technology which allows users to see 3D like images and judge distance much more accurately than previous thermal technology allowed.

The technology was well received when it was launched at last year’s annual Counter Terror Expo and looks set to be another piece of tech that will be taken up by both the military and UK Law Enforcement Agencies, helping to further cement the long standing relationship between Beechwood Equipment and the two bodies.

At present, Beechwood Equipment supply a long list of defence technology to the MoD and police forces including optical sights, electro optic technology and tactical equipment. Since they launched in 1987, Beechwood Equipment have become one of the most innovative suppliers of advanced defence technology to the UK market.